SmartyPants Vitamins

SmartyPants Vitamins


*Disclaimer: I am thrilled to be working with SmartyPants in their campaign. I received this product and payment in return for my honest review of their product (and a giveaway!).

June has been one whirlwind of a month! From the end of the school year with my kiddos, to moving, to a beach trip, etc., I’ve been one busy woman. To add to things, my site went down for a couple of days (which is why this post wasn’t posted when I intended!).


Now that it’s summer, and I’m not in the routine of school… I’ve been struggling to keep my nutrition routine. The healthy and clean eating has taken a little bit of a hit the past few weeks… but it’s SO important to me that I’m fueling my body with what it needs to thrive. SmartyPants Vitamins came into my life at the perfect time. I’ve always wanted to take a vitamins, and I have scoured the grocery store and local pharmacies for the perfect one. Little did I know, the perfect one would come to me! So here’s the deal with SmartyPants Vitamins:

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 12.59.33 PM


SmartyPants has vitamins for women, men, kids, and more!! I can’t wait to have these in my daily routine. Stay tuned for my experience with these vitamins!


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